Gaza Blues

I’m still in the desert and will be for the rest of the week. My internet access is spotty, so liveblogging the Israeli/Hamas war is pretty much out of the question. Too bad, as one of the interesting things is the IDF’s information operation. In the 2006 Hezbollah War, Hezbollah had very sympathetic coverage by most of the international press and Israel clearly lost the information campaign. This time, the IDF has started their own YouTube channel as a means of getting their side of the story out.

Of course, as Confederate Yankee points out, they are already getting hit with TOS complaints in an attempt to shut them down, but as of yet, most videos are being put back up.

Let’s take a look at what the Israelis are sharing with us, shal we?


4 thoughts on “Gaza Blues”

  1. Israel often has trouble with information due to the UN being somewhat hijacked and attitudes about Jews, obviously in the region but also more widespread. I do think they are well ahead of the US in the area.

    What is a typhoon btw?

  2. Aaron, a Typhoon is a stabilized gun mount for 20mm cannons that can be remotely controlled. It has thermal cameras and is fired from inside the cabin of a patrol boat.

    The mount can carry guns from 20mm to 30mm size, but my understanding is the Israelis use 20mm. The mount can also be used to aim and fire small missiles such as the Israeli “Spike” missile system, which is where the “rocket point of view” parts of the video came from. The Extended Range Spike missiles have a fiber optic cable that sends video of what the missile sees back to the boat.

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