Until this year, the last time a new show on TV made it into the number one slot in the ratings was the debut season of CSI.

This year’s hottest new show isĀ  “The Mentalist” on CBS. Now, I’ll grant you that Simon Baker may have some appeal to the ladies, and Robin Tunney is no slouch in the looks department, but the real reason The Mentalist has made it to Number One is the secret weapon- Amanda Righetti.

Amanda is young, but still has a pretty impressive resume already. She had a recurring role on the first season of The OC, where she impressed Fox enough that they made her the lead in her own show, The North Shore. While that didn’t last, she also appeared in other shows (including CSI) and is making a niche for herself in the horror film world, starring in a remake of Friday the 13th.

Me? I just like redheads.

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