AP Fauxtography

I suppose I should talk about this a bit. Anybody remember the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War? All wars are to one degree or another fought in the media. In 2006, AP chose sides. The chose Hezbollah and did pretty much everything they could to improve their position in public opinion. Bloggers were quick to note several instances of bias in the AP’s coverage, significantly that AP stringers were submitting photography that had been Photo-shopped to show great clouds of smoke rising above Beruit and similar coverage intended to portray Isreal as engaging in wanton destruction. When these journalistic lapses in integrity were pointed out, AP resisted correction as much as possible, then tossed a few stringers under the bus and declared the issue over.

But if the US Army releases a photo of General Dunwoody, the first female 4-star general, that has had a background of a US Flag added, well, that means the AP can no longer trust any content from the US Army at all. Because of the journalistic integrity, of course.

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2 thoughts on “AP Fauxtography”

  1. Seems hypocritical doesn’t it? I agree with a zero photoshopping position but the timing is fascinating. Do you remember the multiple smoke plumes with the guy throw in? How bad was that! Let’s see if their policy just applies to the US military. Eyes will be watching.

    The general has quite a bit of digital facial surgery which is more worrying than the flag. However the grey strip in the flag is really noticeable and ugly. How the US military got that wrong is beyond me.

    I feel sorry for this woman getting caught up in this rubbish. It takes something away from her achievement.

    I believe images will soon be useless in a court of law due to photoshopping tricks.

  2. Aaron, it is my understanding that the photo was intended to be placed in units under her command (until a proper portrait could be made) and was not intended for distribution to AP. Mistakes happen. But yes, AP is employing the double standard. The arrogance and immediate assumption of bad faith on the part of the Army is quite irksome.

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