Veterans Day


So today is Veterans Day. Today, dear freinds, is not a day for mourning, but rather a day to remember the service of American veterans of all wars. Come Memorial Day we shall mourn our dead. Today, let us celebrate life instead.

Veterans Day is a relatively new observance. The holiday started out as Armistice Day, first observed in 1926 to comemorate the end of WWI. It wasn’t until 1954 that the observance was extended to veterans of all wars.  For  a brief time, 1971-1975, Veterans Day was observed on the closest Monday to November 11th, but thankfully, that foolishness went by the wayside and we now observe this day on the proper calendar date.

I don’t have any big plans for the holiday. I’ll celebrate the way I usually do, with quiet thanks for the opportunity to have served this great nation. Interestingly, while I was serving, I never did get Veterans Day off.

As you go about your day, either at work or liesure, take a moment to thank any veterans you know.

3 thoughts on “Veterans Day”

  1. Happy Veterans day to you and to other veteran readers.

    Over here we do remember the dead also based on Armistice Day, so it’s quite discordant with your practice which is really about celebrating the living.

  2. Aaron, I suspect that if we’d suffered the proportional casualties that the Empire did in WWI, we’d have Memorial Day today, and Veterans Day some other time.

  3. What bugs me even more now that I am in uniform is the “veteran’s day” sales and “memorial day” as a excuse to go drinking. A reporter even wished a guest on her program a “happy memorial day”.

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