Need a reason to vote?

Here’s just a reminder that elections have consequences. Joe Biden tells us that should Obama be elected, he will be tested by events soon after inaguration. I don’t think that’s a gaffe, but rather a statement of fact. And it applies to just about every President. The real question is, how will they react. Twenty-nine years ago today, sovreign US soil was invaded and we failed to defend it. We still suffer the consequences to this day.

2 thoughts on “Need a reason to vote?”

  1. Two theories on where I think the challenge will come from: some Iranian shenanigans in the Gulf near the Strait, with the goal of driving up the price of oil in particular and stuff that is shipped through the Strait in general, or some Russian activity either in the Ukraine or, if they’re feeling particularly ballsy, something a little more deniable in the Baltic States.

    Bear in mind, I don’t think either of these will be of the same order of magnitude of the Prime Chance/Praying Mantis type in the Gulf or the Georgian invasion WRT Russia, but how the U.S. responds will set the tone for the remainder of the administration and will have second and third order effects down the road.

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