And so…

The wheel turns. I don’t think any regular readers will be surprised to learn that I supported the McCain/Palin ticket for the presidency. We lost this round.

But the Republic will go on. There will be challenges for the nation to face. We shall see how our new President faces these challenges.

Some of you will greet the dawn with a smile and a renewed sense of hope (and change!) and others will face the day with remorse, fearing the worst. For that latter group, let me pass on the words of Patton: Take not counsel of your fears.

3 thoughts on “And so…”

  1. I think that many of your readers also supported McCain/Palin. So now it is up to Obama. I encourage all those who do not agree with Obama to keep up the pressure on your Republican Congressmen to continue to support the cause.

    And let’s watch those new Democrats and see what they are doing. There are still two Senate bills sponsored by Obama totaling more than 850 billion dollars.

    “No man who ever held the office of president would congratulate a friend on obtaining it.” (John Adams 1735-1826)

  2. I’ve heard a long time pard say that today is “The first time in his adult life that he is ashamed of his country.”

    I would not go that far, but certainly am disappointed with both parties at this juncture. But then again we got the government we deserve by and large. All the polls and analysts last night failed to grasp the defining issues this year. Instead of giving the breakdown of age, racial groups, or religious affiliations, they should have asked the simple question: “Did you pay in taxes last year?”

    43%, give or take a few points, of all Americans DON’T pay a dime in income taxes. Those individuals voted as a block for Obama. All he had to gain was 10% of those who do pay taxes, lured by the idea that they too would join the “no pay” group. End game.

  3. It is time to come to terms with the situation. Unlike the other side, it is time to be and act as the LOYAL opposition. Yes we should, nay must give voice to opposition to policies that are damaging to the letter and spirit of the Constitution. We MUST NOT however, give in to the same visceral hatred of the man who is to be only the occupant of the greatest office in the land.

    Take heart, this too shall pass.

    like a kidney stone.

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