Field Expediency

Take this:

Add some of this:

Held aloft with this:

And all you need for a good workout is this:


When I was deployed to the Middle East for Operation Desert Storm, there weren’t many creature comforts or recreational facilities. In fact, there were none. Being good American, red-blooded boys, we improvised.

First we played football. Unfortunatly, even touch football in the Army is a full-contact sport and after a few guys ended up with significant (if not serious) injuries, football was prohibited. We were left with two options. Option one was soccer. It suffered from two drawbacks. One, it’s SOCCER! for cryin’outloud. Two, it soon devovled into the same injury causing mess as football.

The only option left was volleyball. By stripping the camo part out of a section of camo-netting, and judicious use of net-poles, commo wire and engineer’s white tape, we quickly made a decent volleyball court. We had plenty of sand, so beach volleyball it was. And as an added bonus, it was scaleable. You could make the court pretty much any size you wanted to accomodate anywhere from four players to 100.

Not surprisingly, volleyball was a contact sport as well. I forget where in the rules it is, but I’m sure it says something about diving under the net to tackle a guy getting ready to spike.