7 thoughts on “Money well spent…”

  1. BTW, from your post on the wild fires in SoCal, I get the impression you’re livin’ on the left coast. I’m supposed to start a 7 month consulting job in Oceanside next month and planned to visit Camp Pendelton and Miramar. Any other sites I should put on my itinerary?

  2. QC, Miramar took over the museum from El Toro. I saw the collection when it was at El Toro and it was great if you like airplanes. So I would surely Miramar on the list. I’ve never been to Pendelton (drove by a few times). But you really need to go to San Diego and visit the Midway. Be advised, it takes several hours to take the whole thing in, but it is well worth it, and at $10, the price is right. Make it an overnighter and see some of the other sites there. Great town.

    If you have time, you’d probably also want to come up to Yorba Linda and visit the Nixon library.

  3. Can’t wait for Miramar. Took in the AF museum in Florida a couple of years ago. Have pictures of the wife on missles, next to the SR-71, that kinda stuff. Midway sounds like a good trip too. Always liked Nixon, never liked Agnew though.

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