3 thoughts on “You can run, but you’ll just die tired”

  1. So much about Geneva Conventions.
    Some of them lie on the ground, wounded, with their hands behind their heads. And the WSO just shoots again until they are dead.
    Just think about the death by this machine. You get pierced by lots of splinters, as the bullets impact around you. Some big shrapnels hurt you as hell. You can’t do anything but lying on the ground and stand the pain. And the shooting starts again. They do not hit you. You already want to die to end the pain, but you just get hit by shrapnels again. More wounds, more Pain. And they shoot until you die by the shrapnels.

  2. Tetraden is implying that there is a law of war violation here.

    No. None of the images show ANYONE clearly attempting to surrender. There’s no law that says you have to stop shooting just because you wounded someone.

    He describes what an unpleasant way to die this is. Well, fine. Let that be a warning. Don’t take up arms in a fight against the US.

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