Blackhawk Down… 15 years ago

A tip of the hat to theĀ  fine folks at the ExUrbanLeague for reminding me that it was 15 years ago today that the Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Delta and the 160th SOAR fought the Battle of Mogadishu.

During the course of the battle, Sergeant First Class Randy Shugart and Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, both snipers with the secret special operations unit Delta requested and eventually received permission to land at the crash site of Super 64 to protect the pilot, CWO3 Michael Durant until friendly forces could arrive to rescue him. The knew full well that they would be overwhelmingly outnumbered and without any support, an yet both insisted on landing and defending their fellow soldier. Both were killed in action. When we recall the ghastly scenes of the bodies of American servicemen being dragged through the streets, it was very likely them. Eighteen Americans were killed and 73 were wounded that day. The mission to capture senior Somali warlords was successful.

For their heroism and dedication to duty, both men were posthumously decorated with the Medal of Honor.


May we never forget the valor of men like these.

The Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor

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