With a new season of House upon us, you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of this weeks hottie. I first noticed Olivia Wilde in “The OC” (hey, it was a guilty pleasure) and was pleased to see her get back into serial drama TV.

7 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Lisa is on the list. Trust me… I just felt that with so many older chicks in the last few wekks, I should indulge myself with a youngster.

  2. She looks better as a brunette. But that could just my personal bias. Blondes normally rate lower than brunettes and redheads for me.

  3. Ms.Wilde is very beautiful I am a girl and straight and think that she has the perfect body with perfect face!!! she should be crowend the female of the world for havign the best body. Her supple breast her thin figure!! just awsome and so natural!!!
    Many women of all ages have breast implants (not that anything is wrong with implants whatever makes you feel comfy)…she isn’t takeing it over the top!!!

    All hail Olivia Wilde!!! and your body is the temple!!

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