Sitemeter Follies

Well, that went well. Not.

Most bloggers realize that SiteMeter migrated to a new platform and look over the weekend. It made New Coke look like a brilliant marketing move.

First, many bloggers had trouble just getting into sitemeter to see their stats. Then the new platform had an unwieldly interface. In my case, the statistics just wouldn’t load. I waited 20 minutes and still no joy.

It didn’t help that SiteMeter didn’t ask its customers if they wanted to migrate to the new platform, no did they do much to let customers and clients know that the change was coming. Hey, you have my email address. Why didn’t you sent me a heads up?

I guess the pain threshold was reached, because things are back to the old platform. One suspects that a great percentage of the folks who worked on the project were aware that it was a clunker, but their opinions were disregarded.

Basically, this is a lesson in leadership and management. If you hear a lot of your folks whining about what a bad idea the project is, maybe it is time to listen. There is a place for bold leadership in the face of skepticism, but you had better be awfully sure.

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