I’m not from Texas, and I’ve only driven through it once or twice. But anyone who has spent time around the Army gets the feeling that about half the people in the service have some Texas connection. Let us honor their service today by highlighting one of the state of Texas’ greatest contributions to our society. By that I of course mean Angie Harmon.

Incredibly, we have David Hasselhof the thank for bringing Angie to our attention. He “discovered” her on an airline flight. She was in 44 episodes of Baywatch Nights. I didn’t see any of them. Thankfully, someone else did and cast her in Law and Order, where she played A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael.

That looks like a legal brief to me…

After leaving L&O to pursue other work, she had a supporting role in Agent Cody Banks. Yes, I watched the movie. Can you blame me?

She’s now seen portraying Inspector Lindsay Boxer on Women’s Murder Club.

While I don’t usually pay much attention to celebrity politics, the fact that she’s a Republican and spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2004 is icing on the cake. Who doesn’t like a little unabashed partriotism now and then?

I think, just this one time, we can all say, “God Bless Texas.”

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