18 thoughts on “Uniformly Stupid Pt. 5”

  1. Hey, at least we didn’t go with that abomination. The other one that we’re actually going with is marginally better. And at least we didn’t go with the all blue tiger stripe utilities. The ABUs aren’t good, but they don’t suck as hard as those blue ones did.

    Although to be quite honest, I always hear about “Battlefield Airman” this and “the USAF has continuously been at war for 17 years” that. How exactly wasting all this energy on uniforms is helping that is beyond me. Hell, I’m confused as to how exactly it’s helping getting our nuclear house of cards back in order.

  2. I wonder if it feels as uncomfortable as they look? My older son was in the Air Force and I really am glad they didn’t choose these…Yuck….I do love a man in uniform, however this one gets a thumbs down for me…..

  3. Chokers aren’t bad, just take getting used to. But it looks terrible on the guy. The woman is attractive, but the collar is hardly flattering on her, is it?

  4. Does everyone hate khakis?

    When my dad was in the AF he wore khaki all the time, with a blue hat and belt. My uncle in the Army wore khaki with a green hat and belt. They both had khaki jackets and “sport coats” (?tunics) and blue(af), green(usa), or khaki ties (seasonal? latitude? command?)
    LtCmdr. McHale and Pvt. Pyle wore khakis but with the rank on the wrong side of the caps. Khaki for everyone would save a lot of time.

  5. Mary? Who is a Nazi? The folks in these uniforms? The uniform is based on one in common use long before National Socialism came into being. Does it look Nazi-ish? Maybe, but that’s because so many people in our country as unconnected to the services.
    Anyone who knows the history of the services would recognize the uniform instantly.

    Please clarify.

  6. Heh, well, I recognize where it’s coming from historically, but even I think it looks pretty stormtrooper-ish.

  7. On the plus side, if we changed to these uniforms we could probably change “The U.S. Air Force” to the Imperial March.

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