Regulars, By God

Just throwing this clip up because I used to be in 1-6 Infantry. I was loaned out to 7-6IN for Desert Storm, but that unit was drawn down as a peace dividend right after we came back. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Regulars. [youtube=]

I went to Hoenfels several times, but we were still doing the whole Cold War thing, training to stop the Soviets from rolling over Western Europe. It is interesting to see how the training has evolved.

2 thoughts on “Regulars, By God”

  1. Yeah! I was 3rd Herd, C 1/6 when the Iranians took the hostages. It made the Stars and Stripes headline on my 18th birthday. Way to go, guys, way to go!

  2. C 1-6Inf? Really? I was in C 1-6Inf in 89-90 in Germany. We were 1st AD, but they later patched over to 3rdID, then back to 1AD…

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