How cool is this?


Golden Girls, indeed.

Update: Guess we better watch quick…

Update II: Yeah, that didn’t take long. Aparently, Youtube keeps pulling the video of Kerri Walsh thanking the President for his inspiration. Reader Potosi Joel kindly sends us a link to the video hosted outside of Youtube.

4 thoughts on “How cool is this?”

  1. What is the significance, or meaning, of the markings on Kerri Walsh’s shoulder ?

  2. You mean that big black splotch she had all through the games? It was a type of surgical tape to cover the scar of a shoulder operation.

    But I didn’t spend much time looking at her shoulder…


    Thank you, Mr President is all the way at the end.

    The tape also has some heat/cool properties. I’ve read it is common for baseball players under their uni’s. I had a bigger, thicker, cheaper, had to be held on by bandage version after my shoulder was re-wired, stapled, spindled, bolted, plated, and sewn over. They feel really great on soft tissue that doesn’t want to move the way it did before the doctors laid it out across the surgery for examination.

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