Load HEAT!

Today’s choice isn’t the usual Hollywood cutie. She’s Hollywood alright, but with a bit of quirk thrown in. She’s hot, but in an unconventional way.

I’ve been a fan of Holly Hunter for a long time. Her first major movie role was in Broadcast News. She’s made quite a few movies since then. Many were unconventional choices, more the independent, arthouse type. Still, she’s been commercially successful as well.

In addition to Broadcast News, she was in movies such as The Piano, for which she won an Oscar, Raising Arizona, Crash, and A Life Less Ordinary. Probably my favorite role was in Steven Speilberg’s Always. Sure, it was sappy as all get-out. Get over it. I’ll be watching it courtesy of  Netflix tonight.

Currently she’s starring in Saving Grace, a TNT dramatic series that she also produces. If you want to see a good drama, be sure to check it out.

A chick who digs guns and booze? And she ain’t bad at all for 50.

10 thoughts on “Load HEAT!”

  1. Fifty? REALLY? I’d never have thought her that old. I’ve been a fan for years as well. If my lovely bride looks that good at fifty, I’ll be a blessed man.

    More blessed shall we say? What I have now is no sack of potatoes.

  2. Watch the crack about the AARP cards there youngster!

    Best line in “Always”? “Oh Look! Girl Clothes!” A guilty pleasure movie for sure.

  3. Hi Holly Hunter Just Wanted To Say We Are Related From The Catledge Side And That We All Said Hi And I Am Wanting To Become And Actor Soon.

  4. I get so much flak from watching “Always”……but the A-26! …you can’t beat that
    I watch it every time I see it…..and every time….”why are you watching that? it’s a bad movie”…..but I will always ( no pun intended) watch it.

    and Holly makes it worth it

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