Oh, did I mention…

I really, really, really hate spiders? Rats, mice, snakes mostly, that I can deal with. But I have a hatred of spiders. Everyone tells me, “Oh, but they eat bugs!” I don’t care. I think what they really do is plot ways to leap onto me.

The island of Molokai in Hawaii was the worst. We would spend all night moving through the woods and there were gazillions of spiders. Little, teeny tiny ones, gigantic hairy ones. I hated going there because it meant two or three weeks of running smack into webs hung face high.

I thought I was past all that. Unfortunately, there’s some dang spider that hangs out here that loves to make webs. And really loves hanging them right at the level of my face. And they always try to hang a web right over the path in my backyard that I pace as I smoke.

Hey, Eddie, can I borrow your new Ruger?

8 thoughts on “Oh, did I mention…”

  1. Lol I have that one too. And like you snakes etc probably more dangerous doesn’t phase me. I have since discovered we learn many such silly phobias as a reaction to copy our parents etc because in the good ol days what they were afraid of we kids aught to be as well. Unfortunately this reaction sticks like glue.

    I have worked to get over it. Face your fear is the only way unfortunately. If it’s in the way though they are ultimately fairly easy to remove. Use a stick or whatever if you don’t actually want to kill it.

    I’m quite glad I never had to creep about jungles at night. Those tarantulas I thought were slow. They are NOT slow.

  2. Xbrad,
    I tried to take a picture of a spider web a few weeks ago. It was rather difficult. I am impressed. How many shots did it take to get that shot? (If you tell me 1 I will hate you, Just kidding) It is interesting that the spider is overexposed and white, but that makes the picture. I would have done it different and never would have gotten that shot!

  3. Well, Vmax, I hate to tell you this, but I used a point-and-shoot digital. The reason it stands out so much is because I took it at night and the flash reflected off the web. I took about 4 photos and I’ll email you the originals.

    Interestingly, I couldn’t have taken it during the day, because each morning, the spider retrieves its web and goes into hiding. It leaves just the “highwire” from my roofline to a tree 20 feet away. Each night it would put up a nearly identical web. That’s why I keep running into the webs, because I can’t tell during the day where they are…

  4. The one I tried to take was late day light. Auto focus did not work, so I had to play with it to get anything to show up. I eventually caught that refraction I was looking for. But it was much more difficult than I had guessed.
    That is a big spider! thanks for the picts. 528 looks the best. We have what I call Banana Spiders here big yellow and black things.

    About a year ago, a crew missed a pipe. I picked up a transit and linker rod and ran out to measure and get inverts. I climbed in the box and threw a tape on the pipe. As I started to leave I looked up and saw the biggest red hourglass I have ever seen! That black widow body was the size of a 1/2 dollar! And I was right under it.

    Now when I go out in the field I take a “kid” with me. “Measure that pipe kid”

  5. He WAS about an inch across from the tips of his legs. He’s about three inches across my flyswatter now.

    And just for fun, I’ve got black widows in my backyard as well. Given that the back yard is about the size of most folks patio, that’s more wildlife than I care for. I still haven’t caught the possum on camera yet, but he comes by almost every night on his rounds.

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