7 thoughts on “Load HEAT!”

  1. Well, I really posted it because Netflix just sent me “The Sentinel” and she was pretty good in that. Can’t say I’ve ever listened to her, otherwise.

  2. I remember the first time I was in Iraq, seeing her in Maxim magazine. Along with the photos they featured an interview. Why they do this I don’t know…most guys don’t care why she has to say, but it being Iraq and myself being bored at the time I ended up reading it. I was treated to her insipid views about he war, politics and her entertaining us with stories about her then boyfriend.

    As if we care about any of that stuff. The only reason she was in the magazine was that she is hot. Nobody cares that she has a mind, that’s not why they are there. Shut up and pose. I want my AAFES porn in the silent mode.

    Not that I’ve given any thought to this subject at all. 🙂

  3. I have never seen her before, but she is smoking!
    I am with Outlaw, STFU!

    Xbrad, I am glad you made it thru the quake ok. I prefer Florida to Ca, we can see the Canes coming weeks away. Earthquakes, not so much.


  4. Too skinny. I have never watched that show. Force those fucktards in Gitmo to watch it and I’ll then agree that we’re torturing them.

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