If you want to SOAR with the eagles…

One of the results of the disatrous “Desert One” hostage rescue attempt in Iran was a recognition by the Army that its special operations would require special aviation. The result was first known as Task Force 160, and later it was expanded to become the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment or 160th SOAR. This unit is equipped with modified H-60 Blackhawks, H-47 Chinooks, and MH-6 and AH-6 “Little Birds”. Since virtually all their operational flying takes place at night, the unit named themselves “The Nightstalkers”.

Those of you who watched the movie “Blackhawk Down” have seen the Nightstalkers in action. They played themselves, as it were. For a little more eye-candy on the Nightstalkers, check this out.


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  1. DAP’s are their 60’s. Direct Action Penetrators.

    IIRC, one of the guys KIA in Gothic Serpent was one of the ones that came up with the DAP (Wolcott or Briley maybe?)

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