Saturday Dog Blogging

Truth be told, I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. But I doubt that I would be able to give a dog the attention he needs. So what to do? Well, I shamelessly lavish my affection on my friends dogs. One recipient of this affection is Harry.

Friends from church had a BBQ last night, and while a good time was had by all, with great food, great drink, and great company, I always like visiting because I get to say “hi” to Harry.

Good Doggie!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Dog Blogging”

  1. awww…I had a Maltepoo (Maltese poodle mix. Dumb as a rock but the friendliest dog.

  2. What kind of church do you go to Xbrad? (If you do not mind, if you do, I do not mind none of your business)

  3. I’m Presbyterian. We’re not fundamental, just dull. But we’ll give those darn Lutherans a run for the money in the casserole department!

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