Hind Pron

We are all used to seeing Apaches smokin’ some jihadis by now. And while you can never get too much of that good stuff, it isn’t the only side of the coin.

One of the many weapons facing the Army in Europe during the Cold War was the formidable Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. The Soviets took  a different approach to attack helicopter design, thinking of them more as flying tanks than as cavalry. The result was a large, fast, heavy helicopter that generally fought right on the front lines rather than striking deep.


While the Hind carries anti-tank missiles, operationally they would be expected to suppress and fix into place a unit, rather than destroying it in place. By fixing and suppressing the target, that made it much more vulnerable to tank and motorized rifle units following right behind the helos.

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  1. There are Hind pilots in the U.S. Army nowadays that get more flying time than their Russian counterparts.

    Did you know that the Stinger was designed to fly into the intakes of the Hind? There are anti-FOD (foreign object damage) plates in front of the engines. They are so heavy that most missiles just bounce off. Stingers hit the sweet spot between the plate and intake.

    The Soviets lost 1 Hind a day in Afghanistan after we gave them Stingers.

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