More on EFPs

While our previous post on EFPs focused primarily on the improvised weapons provided by the Iranians to the insurgents in Iraq, that is hardly the only use of them worldwide right now. The BLU-108 is a submunition designed to fit inside various weapons. Currently the Senor Fused Weapon (SFW), a cluster bomb unit, and the Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW) carry the BLU-108. This marketing video shows how the weapon works.


In the video, you saw a good example of the curved plate that is used to forge the penetrator. The crimping around the edge of the plate is designed to fragment and provides  effects against softer targets like surface-to-air missile systems. There are a couple segments where you can see the penetrator forming and lancing through the armor.

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a B-1 bomber dropped a SFW against a column of 18 Iraqi tanks. Every tank was destroyed or disabled.


I found this video while looking for the first one. It shows the component used to make improvised EFPs. While not terribly high tech, the machining required to produce that many plates points pretty clearly to outside (Iranian) support to the terrorists.