The Bushmaster

Just in case you wondered what the 25mm of a Bradley looked like…


A little 25mm and a lot of 7.62 coax…



Here’s an example of firing a table at gunnery training in Grafenwhor, Germany. Some NSFW language.


This is some pretty poor shooting. I’m not sure what their issue was, but they seemed slow to engage and their accuracy was pretty poor. Understand, though, that the targets are much further away than they appear.

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  1. i only watched a sampling of the engagements, but i’m thinking a primary fault would be that the driver wasn’t helpings things much… too much bucking, not smooth driving at all, and he may not have been scanning for targets. in contrast, watch their stationary engagement from the road (gunner was dead on with first round).

    also, it seemed their burst pattern wasn’t down pat. i was listening for a 3 rd set, followed by the 4 rd kill squeeze (at least that’s the pattern i learned and trained). basic Burst On Target technique.

    alternatively, could have just been a newlywed crew. needs more time in the UCOFT. (at least we didn’t get a “blue torpedo” out of the first ghost round cycle)

  2. Check out Youtube or Google Video for “Navy and 25mm” and you will see the same gun system that is mounted in the LAV-25 and Bradley IFV/CFV is mounted on various Amphibibous ships, Crusiers, Destroyers, and auxillary ships as additional anti-small boat protection beyond the M2HB mounts that are standard through out the fleet. It is a pretty potent and good weapon.

  3. Sure, I’ve seen the Mk 88 mount, but this is an Army blog. The stabilized, remotely fired Mk 88 Mod 2 is pretty sweet though.

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