M-114 Update

Reader GTShubert drops this gem in the comments for the M-114 post. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share it with you.

The M114 series were poorly designed for the tasks in which they were intended, but in my opinion, they are the ultimate armored tracked vehicle for private collections or agency service, as they are small enough to move and store, and still retains the curb appeal of a tank. We have a lot of fun with ours anyway. We are also building a second custom M114 (more gadgets and power), along with a correct restoration of a M114A1E1 with a dummy M139 gun.

Here’s the video.


As you can see, it is a pretty sprightly little track. I’d just be nervous about the thing screaming by my pickup truck though.

6 thoughts on “M-114 Update”

  1. Dang, I’d have to change my pants if I saw something like that in my rear-view mirror.

    What stopped by to ask: Are you still doing your My Barack Obama blog, or did they close it down? Just curious.

  2. OH HOLY SH&T!! That is something that I truly do NOT want to see coming up in my rear-view mirror especially if it had a cannon.

  3. I remember one of the mechanics putting on a similiar demonstration at Fort Knox in 1972 when I was going through Scout training. They were fun to drive but required quite a bit more maintenance than the M113. I was fortunate enough to drive both.

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