Speaking of fires…

This one time, at Ft. Carson…

My platoon had drawn the duty as the interior guard for the post. That meant that we would post sentries on the Division Ammunition Supply Point and the divisions maintenence facility to prevent pilferage. Guard is a total pain. You have to get your best fatigues pressed and make sure all your gear is squared away. It means 24 hours of little sleep and incredible boredom. And of course, we pulled guard on a Sunday. Pretty much spoiled the weekend.

Just as we were getting inspected prior to assuming the guard, word came down that there was a wildfire out by the ammo supply point and that the post fire department needed extra bodies to help fight it. Guess who got picked. We quickly loaded up on a truck and headed out. It was a pretty goodly sized fire. At first we were fighting it on an open plain with short grass. Not too bad. Then the wind shifted and it got into a small wooded ravine and went crazy. While we were down in the ravine, fighting the fire with picks and shovels, we finally got some support. One of the division Blackhawk helicopters had a “bambi bucket” to dump water on the flames. The only problem was he kept dropping it on us and not the fire. I complained to one of the guys next to me. “That’s nothing” he said, “Back at Ft. Polk, they’d drop the bucket loads on us. When they filled the buckets in the lake, they’d pick up water moccasins. Nothing like being dropped a hundred feet to piss off a snake!”

5 thoughts on “Speaking of fires…”

  1. chock, when you get to the range, don’t forget to check for snakes in the firing position. I’ve found them more than once.

  2. or Coyotes under the launcher. They would hang around the chow tent, trying to score some scraps. Then they would hide under the launchers for heat (at night) or shade. One 14T was scared to approach his launcher because the coyote got into a staring contest with him.

    At Fort Bliss we get briefed on all the wild life, including the locals. 🙂

  3. My best evah! shot was a coyote. About 750 yards with a Ruger 77 .300WinMag and a Leopould 3-9×42 off the bipod. I was pretty amazed.

    At Ft. Carson, there were lots of coyotes, but they didn’t hang around much. The deer and the antelope really did play on the range though…

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