California Fires

The huge wildfires here in California often make the news. Last year, my boss had to evacuate his house in the middle of the night. Thankfully, he didn’t lose his home, but it was close. Many of the homes most at risk are the most upscale. Here’s a little proof of that.

3 thoughts on “California Fires”

  1. Same situation here. They cry about fires but have the trees right up to their walls and don’t bother cleaning up for fire season.

  2. Yeah, but you guys don’t have a bunch of P-3s and a DC-10 dropping agent.
    Guess now I’ll have to write a post on my firefighting experience.

  3. It’s a little frustrating every time we hear the “1000 homes threatened by wild fire” story. These fires are natural and if yuppies build their houses out there, they should suffer the consequences. Maybe we should go build 1000 homes in the ocean and then use tax dollars to constantly save “1000 homes threated by water”.

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