2 thoughts on “M2 Bradley Family”

  1. I remember back when I was an AIT private, we used to see all the Linebackers parked outside our barracks. Fort Bliss had Linebacker, Avenger and Hawk (that was for the Germans and Japanese). Hawk was withdrawn at the time. I was in 20 weeks witht he last new 14R (linebacker MOS) in the army. PVT Blessing. He was a hold over because he hurt his leg. By the time he got to class he was the only one in it. THe instructors let him fire live 20mm rounds at Donna Anna and drive those Bradleys as fast as they could go. Nowadays we have a ton of SSG and SFC transitions who are being re classed to 14E.

  2. BTW, I got to see inside one of the FCS Brads. 5-1 Armored has an office/motor pool across the street from ATI land. Here I was walking to class with my Beret and bookbag. There was a brad with it ram down and some poor shmoe in full battle rattle. I had yet another boring day of class. After seeing him crouched down inside I told the rest of the class not to complain about AIT. 🙂

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