Drill Here, Drill Now

While the Marine’s Silent Drill Platoon is justly famous, often overlooked is the fact the the Army has a fine team of its own.


I’ll confess. I was a dork in high school. How much of a dork? I spent 3 years on my JROTC drill team. I was a warm body the first year, the XO the second, and the CO the third. The guy who was my XO spent the following year as the CO. He went on to enlist in the Army and serve on the Army Drill Team for three years. Following that, he went to college and is now a Major.

To be honest, I think the routine my team did in high school was tougher than this. One of our competitors, a high school Marine JROTC unit did the same routine as the real Marine Silent Drill Platoon, and as far as I’m concerned, they did it better.

One other thing. If you look close, you’ll see that the bolts have been removed from the rifles. Nothing like having a bolt come open to ruin a routine.

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