Load HEAT!

I had a couple of requests for Megan Fox, and while I would have liked to honor them, I couldn’t find many pictures that I liked (except those that have been done to death), so I exercised my perogative to post what I like. And I like Nicole Kidman. Congratulations to the new mom.

One more, just because.

7 thoughts on “Load HEAT!”

  1. Nicole always looked best as a redhead, and before she married Tom. I fear the crazy might have been infectious, so I’d still go with Megan over Nicole. Of course, the Oz accent scores Nicole many more points.

  2. Dude, she’s great in everything…. But I didn’t like the movie. It came out right after “the sixth sense” so it lost a lot of its potential audience.

    Favorite all time? Moulin Rouge. She sings, she dances.

  3. She does pretty well dressed, too!
    She reminds me of the glamour associated with the classics of Hollywood. And besides, who doesn’t like a six-foot tall readheaded bombshell?

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