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  1. Brad,

    I hate to say it, but I am appalled at your taste in whiskey. If you need a mixin whiskey, and don’t want to spend a whole lot try this. It’s a very fine whiskey without a big price tag.
    If you want a straight whiskey, you cannot go wrong with Bushmills for a single malt, or Jameson’s for a blended whiskey.

    There’s also the old standbys of Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam, but they’re merely drinkable.

  2. MikeD, dunno if you’re familiar with the running gag over at Ace of Spades about Val-U-Rite vodka…

    I’m a longtime Bushmills fan. And my day to day is Jack. And i enjoy some of the higher end bourbons and sour mash.

    And while I can easily tell the difference between this store brand, I have to say, this isn’t all that bad.

  3. Xbrad,
    I used to like jack, and better yet Gentleman jack. Then they dropped it to 80 proof. I think bourbon is better between 90 and 100 proof. So I switched to Wild Turkey. In the last year or so it went down hill, I am still looking for a good around the house bourbon. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    (Albertsons carries that heritage vodka for $10 for the 1.75, I think of Val-U-Rite every time I see it , never purchased it yet)

  4. Vodka is different. For a drink with no flavor, the flavor varies immensely. Paying a premium there makes sense if you drink it neat. Mixed, not so much, but still, not sure I’d try Heritage.

    I tried the Heritage bourbon more on a lark than anything serious. One low end bourbon that I’ve always liked is Kesslers. I think it is 80 proof as well. Good luck finding a good 90-100 without paying a high price.

  5. Yes I currently have a bottle of Makers Mark, and Knob Creek, both are very good bourbons, but a little pricey.
    With the vodka, for me is is about smoothness. You can get smooth for $30, for $20 it is iffy.

  6. I gave up on vodka about 5 years ago. I don’t drink nearly as much as I once did, so a bourbon a night is about it.

  7. I went for years, drinking a shot a night to help me sleep. Now I can be falling asleep watching tv, and hit the bed and be wide awake. Nothing helps short of drinking a lot.

  8. One of the things I’ve pondered over a glass is the 100 proof / 80 proof question.

    Here’s the question – If you’re putting water in the glass anyhow, can you just put less water in the 80 proof and actually be drinking the same proof in your mouth?

  9. Lokki,

    I know there’s lots and lots of purists that sneer at me for the ice in the glass in the first place.

    For a real answer, I guess we’ll have to defer to Vmax.

  10. Lokki,
    What I like about it is the flavor changes as the ice melts. If you like the particular flavor with a splash of water, than take a splash. For example 100 proof starts out hot and leathery, then transitions to warm and smokey, to cinnamon and vanilla etc.
    I think THAT is the reason to drink bourbon.

    And, if you are doing shots you don’t have to do as many.

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