My top search engine referral today is “Beer can airplane”. I hope they weren’t too disappointed. Coming in second was “Sabot” so I hope to get something done there very soon.

6 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. I get some hit from Russia that comes from a Russian pornography search engine at least three times a week. The thing is, all my captured data suggests it isn’t a crawler, but a real person.

  2. Dude, I sent you the email about Farc and southcom, but was too stupid to put a link to my blog.

    Of course, I did the same with instapundit. Got quoted by name and forgot to ask for the link, so no instalanche.

    I’m stoopid.

  3. I can’t think of many things that don’t make me think of beer, canned, bottled or kegged. Hoist a Foster’s for me, will ya?

  4. Oh no not Fosters. Fosters is not beer. Fosters is canned er nevermind this is PG17.

    Let me put it like this. Fosters is the Budweiser of Australia. We don’t actually drink the er. Stuff. Actually that’s not exactly true. I saw one can of it in the liquor store and that means some traitor out there is ruining it for us all. Try Coopers. Now that’s a real beer. Coopers Pale Ale best there is for commercial beer in my home city. My father’s one of those half sozzled home brew nutters that waves around bags of malt and hops proclaiming his last batch is the second coming.

    He’s not really that far wrong most of the time. Unless they explode.

    There’s loads of other good commercial beers too. Some of the East European or Belgian ones are wonderful. The US has a few they seem to call ‘microbrewery’ beers which are good too.

    Fosters isn’t one of them.

    If you ever want a rant try to link us to Fosters.

  5. Oops. Long ago, as a young lad in Hawaii, I learned not to drink with you guys.

    But next you’re gonna tell me that not everyone in Oz has a shack in the Outback like Paul Hogan. I’ll be crushed.

    But you can’t say too many bad things about a society that gives us the likes of Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minouge.

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