One of my bugbears is that when I openly display my patriotism, by flying our nation’s flag, or by singing loudly (but poorly) our nation’s anthem, many folks on the left assume that patriotism equals militarism. Not in my book.
We tend to remember the military episodes in our nation’s history because they are easy to point to’ large, memorable events that many of our citizens took part in.
But so much of the patriotism in our nation is expressed in small, but wonderful ways. People who coach Little League because they think it is important to be involved in the lives of our youth; folks who take the time to serve with groups like Meals on Wheels because taking care of our own isn’t just a military thing, it really is the American Way.
It isn’t because we have a great military that we have a great nation.
It is because we have a great nation that we have a great military.

6 thoughts on “Patriotism”

  1. Xbrad,
    Thank you for your service.
    If you ever get to the Tampa Bay area, (Sarasota) I am buying dinner and beer (or what ever)

  2. Well said. I used to work at our local mental health clinic as secretary..err “administrative assistant”. Doing paper work, making copies, filling claims and making sure medicaid paid us. It’s the little guys doing big things that make the world run.

    and yes I got flowers for “administrative assistant’s day”.

  3. Patriotism is so many thing – standing when our flag goes by; singing our National Anthem loud and strong at games and public events; even just flying the flag at your home – anything that shows that we love our country! The critics can do just that – because we have such a great country.


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