It ain’t REALLY the 4th unless you grill something…

Tonight’s special is a grilled filet wrapped in apple smoked bacon, with dirty rice and a vegetable medley. Bon apetit!

Update: Et Voila! Dinner is served…

My culinary skills may pale in comparison to Mesablue, but remember this, ladies- I not only cook, I clean up too!

8 thoughts on “It ain’t REALLY the 4th unless you grill something…”

  1. Nice!
    I smoked a Pork loin on the grill today. I got out my tripod was going to take picts of the fireworks. Feh. did not want to walk the 5 blocks to the river to take picts. ( I am not fond of crowds)

  2. Ur plates are purty.

    You don’t have to wash them like white plates.. the pattern covers all the bits of food stuck on ’em.

  3. You can cook at our home anytime!
    Hey – loved the remark from Pajama.momma – did you really do that to her???????

    Great blog,

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