The three stages of virtually any operation in the Army.

Most folks know what SNAFU means.

TARFU-Things are really “fouled” up

FUBAR-“fouled” up beyond all recognition

And don’t forget that old standby- BOHICA- Bend over, here it comes again.

13 thoughts on “FUBAR”

  1. You know how Companies in the Army would have nicknames like Apache for A Co. and stuff like that? When I got to Germany, I was in C Co., and BOHICA was our nickname. The CO was not a fast-track guy…

  2. HAHAHA! I’ll bet.

    Did I tell you I was born in the 5th Army Hospital in Frankfurt?

  3. Ha! It is to laugh! My dad was a Captain at the time. . . in the U.S. Army!

  4. Funny, when I joined the Army, my Dad was a retired Captain. USN. Oak Harbor HS. Only business in town was the Navy. 310 people in the graduating class. 21 joined the Army. Only 7 joined the Navy. Kinda funny how that works out.

  5. The military always has the funniest terms! I learn more creative uses of curse words and nicknames for female anatomy from my friends in the Armed Forces than from anywhere else

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