I mentioned the M-114 a while back. Someone found this by search engine and it got me to thinking. M-114s were not a very sucessful design, but I always liked them. Mind you, the only ones I saw were either targets on the range, or in the hands of private restorers.

The M-114 was a little sister to the M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier. They shared a lot of the same technology, but were much smaller. They were intended as a small, easy to hide vehicle for Cavalry Scouts. Unfortunately, they seemed to have quite a few maintenance issues. There were few things they could do that an M-113 couldn’t, and the extra space in the M-113 gave it more flexibility. You could fit three people in an M-114, but it was pretty cozy. Squeezing eleven people in an M-113 was no big deal. Indeed, the M-113 and its variants are still in widespread use in our Army and many others.

In addition to equipping Cavalry units, many infantry companies equipped with the M-113 had an M-114 for the Company Commander. Eventually, this gave way to an M-113 for the CO. I mentioned the M-39 20mm cannon. Here’s a guy with his very own.

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  1. I had the pleasure (?) of riding in them out at NTC one year. Imagine you are the boneless chicken in a “Shake and bake” chicken box. Shook all around, was about 120 degrees, the 50 cal shell casings would fall through the roof, and occassionally (as in my case) the steering would go out and it would just go in circles.

    Good times, good times.

  2. Hey, TSO, thanks. There was a guy in Michigan City had one. He let me take it for a quick spin. Wasn’t bad. I just thought it was a really cramped 113.

    I just can’t believe you came all the way here and didn’t touch on the post on Ms. Kate.

  3. The M114 series were poorly designed for the tasks in which they were intended, but in my opinion, they are the ultimate armored tracked vehicle for private collections or agency service, as they are small enough to move and store, and still retains the curb appeal of a tank. We have a lot of fun with ours anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBYzHEDneFU We are also building a second custom M114 (more gadgets and power), along with a correct restoration of a M114A1E1 with a dummy M139 gun.

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