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  1. I bought it at M&L pawn there in Oak Harbor about 20 years ago for about $350. I’m pretty certain it was never restored, though it probably went through depot level once or twice. Plinking with .30-06 gets expensive. I was killing Coke cans at 100m that day.

  2. You got to be kidding me!!!! I used to hang out at M&L loan as a kid while my dad and the owner with a few others traded sea stories between each other. It was a saturday morning ritual for me and my dad. Head over to Pete’s Sake for breakfast, he would then drop me off at the library and I would walk down a little bit later to M&L with a load of books in my hand. Sit around for a little while longer listening to “There I was…” and then go home to start the rest of the weekend.

  3. Pirate, I grew up there, from 73-85. I’m the only Navy brat I know that went 1st thru 12th grade all at one school district.
    When I moved there, there was no McD, BK, KFC, or any other chain restaurant. There were 3 lights in the whole town. Lived on Seaplane base til 78, then out on Swantown Rd. till I graduated and joined the Army. And yeah, I did NJROTC at OHHS.

  4. PJ, it weighs a hell of a lot more than the M-16 I usually carried. And the ammo weighed a ton as well.
    The M-1 was our standard rifle in WWII, and when tricked out with a sling and bayonet, weighed 10-11lbs. And don’t forget, most of the guys who fought in WWII were smaller than we are, because of poor nutrition during the depression.
    It was a lot of fun to shoot, but I’m awfully glad I didn’t have to carry one from Normandy to the Czech border.

  5. Brad,

    I born and grew up there from 1978 till 1981 and then moved back from 1986 till 1993. I was a Navy Brat as well, however I spent some time in Va Beach and then after my father retired we moved up to Bellingham just as I was entering my High school years. I remember Ted’s Toys, the 5&Dime down on Pioneer, and going to the salmon derby at the yahct club every spring when the salmon runs started.

  6. Heh, I was born in Virginia Beach. I don’t really remember much about it, having moved to OH when I was 5. Ted’s and the 5&dime got a pretty good portion of my income as a kid. And the two girls who’s family ran the place were cute as all get out.
    Looking at your avatar, I’m guessing we both come from folks in the A-6 community. I saw your post where you’re leaving the Zappers for another squadron. Where are you headed? And why no posts on the arrival of the Growler?

  7. Yea my dad spent all his time in working on A-6’s.
    After I leave the Zappers I am heading to the Black Ravens. I haven’t posted on the Growler yet, because even though there are three examples up here. I have yet to see it flying around let alone out of the hangar. Rumor control on the flight line says that Boeing St. Louis kicked the pooch big time. All three have failed thier acceptance flights and two of them still had tools and various fastners FOD in places they shouldn’t be. Give me a few weeks and I should include my thoughts.

  8. Re: the Growler, Ouch. I expect a steep learning curve, but that’s just sloppy. I haven’t been to Whidbey in years, but I still get a warm fuzzy everytime I see a Prowler. And I cry a little when I see a pic of an Intruder.

  9. If the weight’s an issue, you could always look at the Garand’s little brother, the M-1 Carbine. Picked up a nice little Saginaw SG manufactured Carbine from the CMP last month and she sure is fun to shoot. Ammo’s a little cheaper too.

  10. Mike, weight was never an issue for me, since I didn’t have to lug a Garand everywhere. The extra 3-400 yards you could reach with a Garand was pretty handy during the big war.

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