5 thoughts on “A bad day at the range…”

  1. DUDE!
    Your Google Fu is strong!
    What does 20mm shoot? Does it have a HE like the 25? or is it a solid projectile? Must be if only minor injuries. 6 rounds in the back seat. WOW.

  2. There’s a bunch of different 20mm rounds out there. The most common is the PGU-28, but I have no way of knowing what was loaded in the incident here. Most are HE, but there’s AP, HE, HEI, TP, and I’m sure some others.

  3. would HE have made such small holes? I know if it came from a 16 you could not know. but 25 mm is 1 inch. The holes are bigger than 1 inch (25.4 mm) looks like 3″ maybe 4″
    would HE make that small of a hole?

  4. V, the rounds detonated on impact. You can see some spalling around the holes. I admit I would have expected a little more damage. I’m also surprised the gas tank didn’t go.

  5. Xbrad,
    Now that I am sober and looking at it I still expected more damage, but 20mm is about a inch, and those holes are fist size, so ya there was some splodin goin on. (wonder what the inside looks like?)

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