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  1. Awful young,
    I was in church today there was a guy in uniform sitting in front of me, he had his marksman and expert badge on. nothing else. I emptied my wallet. I only had 60 bucks, but I told him to buy himself a beer or something.
    He looked too young said he was 19. Bless him

  2. Vmax, we used to do a lot of funeral details when I was in Hawaii (lots of retirees wanted to be buried in the Punchbowl). Very often they would attempt to provide a small gratuity. Couldn’t take it.

    1. It’s illegal to be paid for the performance of your duties by any but Uncle Sam.
    2. It was a priveledge to provide honors to our brothers-in-arms.

    We would hit the buffet, though.

  3. xbrad,
    I understand the duty thing, however sitting in church on sunday is not doing your duty. I merely suggested he take his young lady to lunch and have a drink on me.
    I ran into a ex a few weeks ago, she said her youngest is in Iraq. I emailed him to see if he wanted a care package, he said no but I picked up a flashlight and some batteries (surefire G2) a few phone cards and some guitar strings. It is not much, but it is something I can do to a kid I know. BTW he is a bubblehead that jumped at the chance to go there.

    when you kill off this one let me know, I will take my chances.
    (I keed I keed honest)

  4. I see a Good Conduct medal! Add an ‘Everybody Button’ (aka National Defense Service award) and you’d have the total of my medal count. 🙂

  5. Vmax, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that what you did was anything but but a class act. I just reread my comment, and I guess it came out wrong. By all means, buy a trooper some lunch! I’ve done similar things from time to time.

    And you’ve inspired another post – on care packages.

  6. brew, for a guy who was never more than mediocre at best, I ended up with a crapload of chest cabbage. Some stuff they just give away after a while. Plus, I was the guy in my platoon who always ended up writing up the awards. How’s that for a collateral duty.

  7. Xbrad,
    no worries, I did not think you were. I try to buy everyone in uniform that I see at least a drink. I saw a kid and his Mom in Publix and I embarrassed the Crap out of him. I did not mean to, but hey a kid in uniform I wanted to thank him. Here in Sarasota there are no bases and I do not see many kids in uniform, so when I do I go out of my way to thank them. He refused anything I offered.

  8. Obviously there’s tons of marines south of here, but not very often you see a uniform in OC. Bought a guy lunch at Carl’s Junior a couple months ago, but that was it.

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