15 thoughts on “The Naval War in the Falklands”

  1. Excellent series of articles. I didn’t even know about your site until it should up on my stats page. I’m following now. Thank you for the great work.

    1. Wrong. But if you persist in your delusion, I’m sure the Brits are standing by to sink the rest of the Argentine Navy.

      Or, we could “give” the Falklands back to Argentina. Then give Argentina back to Spain. I’m sure you’d enjoy that.

  2. Great summary. At the end of the day, Britain was lucky. Lucky the argentines didn’t have it together enough to utilize their fairly modern navy in an effective manner. Lucky they couldn’t get more exocets. Lucky that the Argentines didn’t target their amphibious ships. On the other hand, immobilizing Argentina’s best troops on the Andes border was great diplomacy by Britain and of course once on the ground, Argentine conscripts were no match for a professional army. The war also destroyed Argentina’s power projection capability and airforce to an extent that it has nevery really recovered from. Kirchner’s bluster is just that, bluster although HM govt would probably be wise to quietly cut some kind of deal with Argentina over the oil resources (perhaps generous payment for the use of Argentine ports in shipping the stuff ?). Today, Argentina would be unable to invade the Falklands but the UK would probably be unable to take them back if an invasion were successful.

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