Load Heat

Once again, we dip into the well that is Joss Whedon’s talent pool. It’s narrow, but deep. Amy Acker played for several seasons on Angel. She was pretty much a geek on the show. She also had a role on Alias. And she’s again on a Whedon show, this time Dollhouse, where she plays a nerd, one with scars. Now, she was always cute and all that. But we never thought she would be up to our high standards here. Imagine my surprise when we did go looking for a photo of her (for unrelated purposes). We should have known. She’s a Texan. Well, anybody that good looking gets her own week here…


We actually had a hard time deciding who to showcase this week. So, when in doubt, go see who’s working for Joss Whedon. Say what you will about his shows, he finds some mighty attractive women to work for him.

This week, we welcome Dichen Lachman, from Fox’s Dollhouse. She plays Sierra, one of the “dolls” on the sci-fi show. Before this, she had successful run on the Aussie soap Neighbors. Well, we sure wouldn’t mind being her neighbor. Need a cup of sugar, honey?

What’s an Australian soap opera look like? Glad you asked: