How to speak Army

I left a comment over at Pajama Momma’s place that went right over her head:

25th ID, 1st AD, 4th ID.

Like just about every other job, the Army has its own jargon. Lots and lots of it. Virtually everything in the Army is reduced to¬† jargon and incomprehensible to outsiders. I’ve tried hard not to use “MilSpeak” here because the whole point is to help civilians understand just what their Army is and does.

The comment I left at PJ’s was a resume, if you will. In shorthand. My first duty assignment after basic training was with the 25th Infantry Division, in Schofield Barraks, HI. After leaving the Army and going to college for a couple of (miserable) years, I rejoined and was assigned to the 1st Armored Division, headquartered in Ansbach, Germany (Armored Divisions have four battalions of infantry). Following that tour, I made a PCS (permanent change of station) to the 4th Infantry Division, in Fort Carson, CO, just next to the lovely town of Colorado Springs.

Now, I could have written it all out like this, but the shorthand conveys most of the information to anyone who would care. It’s enough background to play the old Army game of “who do you know”.

I’m drafting a post on how units are designated and how to translate that so you know where it is that your son/daughter, cousin, buddy, whomever is assigned. Of course, if you have any questions, just let me know.