Planespotting- AW609

I stepped off the hospital campus for a moment to make a phone call/check email/twitter/facebook for a second, and heard a helicopter a bit aways. Hardly surprising. There’s a lot of helicopter traffic here. Life Flite helos, and traffic helos, and police helos. Heck, the other day, I looked up an saw a Marine AH-1W flitting by.

So, sure, I looked up today. I just didn’t have the camera on my phone handy.

And say a very unusual aircraft go by. And couldn’t get a pic, dammit. Here’s one from the internets.

So far as I know, there’s only 4 flying, though once the AW609 is certified, as many as 70 may be on order.

The one I saw was in formation with an AB109 conventional helicopter, both in red and white (with black trim) paint jobs. The AW609 was operating in a “blended” mode, with the rotors tilted to about 45 degrees from vertical.

Aha! Here’s why the AW609 was in town!