Egyptian Day of Protest

After President Obama backed the ouster of longtime US ally Hosni Mubarak, it was a forgone conclusion that the only political force organized enough to seize the reigns of power in Egypt was the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that is the intellectual wellspring for much of the Islamic terror throughout the world.

But overthrowing a government is easy compared to being a government. Egypt has long had an extremely precarious economic position. It has to import over half its calories. And it’s primary source of income for that has long been tourism.

But the instability of late, and the outright hostility of the Morsi government to Westerners has lead to plummeting tourism rates, with a concomitant decline in revenues. Not surprisingly, the quality of life has declined in Egypt as well.

And so, vast numbers of Egyptians, who while Muslim, are not ideologically aligned with the MB, have today taken to the streets of cities across Egypt to protest.

American media will likely tell you tens of thousands of protesters came out.

But even the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior will admit it was millions of protesters.

Protest in Alexandria

I can’t foresee the future, but I can predict that the Morsi government is on the wrong side of History. And the Obama administration is on the side of Morsi.