Hasan receives death penalty

The military court in the murder trial of Nidal Hasan has sentenced him to death.  Given that the military has not executed anyone for about half a century, there’s no telling if or when he will actually face that ultimate sanction.

First, his conviction and sentence will be reviewed by the court martial convening authority. I’m not sure which general actually convened the court, possibly the III Corps commander (anyone know?). That commander can let the conviction and sentence stand, or he can set it aside, reduce the sentence, or resubmit it for retrial.

After the commander’s review, the case will automatically be submitted for appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Army, then to the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. The next step after those two appeals courts is the Supreme Court, but that is not automatic. Whether Hasan will be permitted to act pro se before the appeals courts, I don’t know.

Finally, among the other sanctions the court has applied, Hasan has been stripped of his rank, and all pay and allowances are stopped. Finally.