Uniformly Insane

We’ve talked a couple times about the foolishness that the Army gets into when it gets around to revising its uniforms.

As bad as the Army is, they can’t compare to the Navy.

“The NWU Type II/III approval is a culmination of a four-year effort comprising all of the expeditionary stakeholders, ensuring we capture the trueoperational requirements our Sailors’ need to succeed on the battlefield,” said Master Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Robert McCue, NWU Type II/III Conformance Test Monitor. “They provide unmatched capabilities to thewarfighter enabling tactical advantage and enhancing mission success thus saving lives.”

The Navy takes on the relatively simple task of finding a working uniform for its enlisted sailors and manages to turn what should be a half hour job for a PO2 into a 4 year fiasco at the highest staff levels. And socks the sailor right in the pocketbook.  And they look like crap.

Go to CDR Salamander for the full rundown.