Breach Drill- Old School Style.

SGT Metra talks about returning to core competencies.

The Bangalore Torpedo is simply a tube  filled with high explosives. Its prime use it in breaching wire obstacles. It is over a century old, but still quite effective.


You’ll see the soldier throw a grappling hook onto the wire obstacle. That’s to allow him to yank the line to ensure there aren’t any booby traps (or more technically, anti-tamper devices). The the various sections of Bangalore torpedo are linked and slid under the wire. And then, pull the time fuze, and boom. Part of the delay at the obstacle is for an important safety reason. BTs are only single fuzed, with one well for a blasting cap. But safety demands that they be dual fuzed. A couple decades ago, at Fort Carson, if memory serves, a Bangalore torpedo misfired. The engineer squad waited the appropriate amount of time, and then went forward to diagnose the misfire. And sure enough, it exploded while they were working on it, killing and injuring several soldiers. And so today, in training at least, BTs are dual fuzed- the actual fuze well, generally by a time fuze blasting cap, and a secondary, safety fuzing, by wrapping det cord at the base of a torpedo, and initiating the det cord via an electrical blasting cap. That’s what you see the squad rolling out from the reel.

While competency in the basics of weapons like the BT are important, it should be noted that in general use, the BT has been superseded by the MCLIC and APOBS, which perform the same function, with less exposure to the Engineer soldiers.

ROK Live Fire 2015

For some reason, Korea, like a lot of Asian nations, loves to put on a big spectacle live fire for domestic consumption.


Our Army doesn’t do much of this. It really don’t have much training value, and fuel and ammo are expensive.

Still, it’s hella fun to watch.

H/T Brobible.

Daily Dose of Splodey

Via Foxtrot Alpha.


Tyler does have a good question about the multiple aimpoints toward the end. I suspect they’re GPS tags from the laser rangefinder. See, the laser on a sensor ball, is tied into the aircraft’s onboard GPS system. Knowing the aircraft’s position, and using the depression angle, azimuth, and range means it is a simple mathematical problem to derive the precise geographical position of a target, which can then be uploaded to the GPS guided weapons on board (or for that matter, shared via datalink to just about anybody else).

Hellfire Longbow at Sea

The US Navy’s LCS ships lack a short range missile. The planned NLOS missile was cancelled. So the Navy is now looking at using a vertical launch system equipped with the AGM-114 Hellfire missile, particularly its Longbow millimeter wavelength radar seeker variant.


In a recent test series performed by the US Navy, eight Army/Lockheed martin AGM-114L ‘Longbow Hellfire’ missiles destroyed seven fast naval craft simulating fast attack craft performing swarm attacks, similar to those practiced by the Iranian navy in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. The test was part of the engineering development test of the Surface-to-Surface Missile Module (SSMM), for use on littoral combat ships (LCS).

The tests, that took place in June 2015 in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Virginia, evaluated the integration of the vertically-launched AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire missile system for the SSMM solution. In this application the missile receives initial target data from a surface search radar or an airborne radar on a helicopter, before launch. After launch, it activates the onboard millimeter wave seeker to find the target. The system has an initial range of eight kilometers and features fire-and-forget and multi-mode capability. The multi-purpose warhead ensures effectiveness against various types of attacking craft.

Daily Dose of Splodey- Gettysburg Edition

On this day, July 3, in 2000, the 137th anniversary of the end of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, CDI brought down the National Tower.


Notice the interesting interleaving rod construction of the tower, reminiscent of US battleships fighting tops during the inter-war era.


Daily Dose of a whole heckova lotta Splodey!! Air Force Weapons Effects Tests circa 1963.

Guns, rockets, bombs, napalm,* Bullpubs and Sidewinders! With bonus JATO take off and two cases of fraticide!

F-80s, F-84s, F-100s, F-101s, F-104s, F-105s! C-123 and C-130! HH-34! And if you have sharp eyes, you’ll spot an H-19 and an H-21!




*Napalm really does stick to kids

I Suppose He’s Technically Correct…


Kim Jong-un claims to have cured Aids, Ebola, Sars and Mers with single ‘miracle drug’

So say DPRK “officials”, the Daily Mirror reports.

Which, again, is technically correct.  I am thinking that, since the “miracle drug” is a 14.5mm heavy machine gun round delivered to the skull, not a one of those people treated with it will die of any of the diseases ol’ KJU mentions…

Bofors Demo 1992- Your Sunday Morning Splodey

I can’t remember if I’ve shown these before or not. Four videos showcasing pretty much all of Sweden’s massive Bofors Defense product line. Lots of good splodey.





The Marketing People at 5-Hour Energy Should be All Over This!


From the Daily Caller:

The top defense secretary in North Korea was allegedly executed in a hail of anti-aircraft fire, South Korean news outlets say, for falling asleep at a meeting where Kim Jong-un was speaking.

Though there remains some skepticism regarding the event, certainly there seems to be some credence to the possibility that General Hyon Yong-chol was done away with, because we know that the DPRK has the facility for such an ostentatious (and messy) display of brutality.


But there is a marketing opportunity here.  The annoying 5-Hour Energy commercials could become quite a bit more compelling.  “Feeling tired?  Falling asleep in a meeting with the boss?  Don’t be blasted into smoking lumps of bone and flesh!  Drink 5-Hour Energy!  Now in pomegranate, berry, grape, and citrus orange!”

Wouldn’t it be irony that staunch Communist KJU was the entrepreneurial inspiration for a Capitalist marketing campaign?    Sure, the FDA has some warnings about 5-Hour Energy Drinks, such as prolonged use causing heart attacks.  But it still has to be less harmful than half a dozen 14.5 slugs to the cranium.

Maybe 5-Hour Energy can pick up the NKPA as a sponsor, to go along with NASCAR and Jim Furyk.  Or maybe not, as acquiring personal wealth is a leading cause of being shot to pieces in North Korea.