Thursday Spiderblogging

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of spiders. Little creepy ones that hide under plants are bad enough. Then there are the black widows that are hiding under my gas grill.

The worst by far are the orb weavers, as they like to hang a web right at face level. I had one the other day that hung his web by my fig tree. I showed some mercy and left him there. As long as I can pace my back yard and not get a face full of arachnid, I’m pretty forgiving. If you encroach my¬† territory, you get the flyswatter.

I was out back last night and one guy was hanging his web. It was fascinating to watch how he did it. I grabbed a few seconds of video, but while I was taping, the wind caused his web to collapse. What you don’t see on the video is me screaming like a little girl as he swung towards me.


Oh, did I mention…

I really, really, really hate spiders? Rats, mice, snakes mostly, that I can deal with. But I have a hatred of spiders. Everyone tells me, “Oh, but they eat bugs!” I don’t care. I think what they really do is plot ways to leap onto me.

The island of Molokai in Hawaii was the worst. We would spend all night moving through the woods and there were gazillions of spiders. Little, teeny tiny ones, gigantic hairy ones. I hated going there because it meant two or three weeks of running smack into webs hung face high.

I thought I was past all that. Unfortunately, there’s some dang spider that hangs out here that loves to make webs. And really loves hanging them right at the level of my face. And they always try to hang a web right over the path in my backyard that I pace as I smoke.

Hey, Eddie, can I borrow your new Ruger?