Bold Prediction Friday

My bold prediction? By Monday morning, @allanbrauer will join the ranks of the funemployed.

Who is @allanbrauer?

Why he’s the Communications Director for Sacramento Democrats.

And why might he be unemployed?

Well, because when he has a policy disagreement with someone, he doesn’t just disagree, he wishes death upon that persons children.

Mind you, that’s just the start of a rather epic twitter meltdown.

Of course, he’s the real victim here. And in a few months, someone else will hire him. That’s how they roll.

Update: Aaaaaand he’s out!  He resigned this afternoon. Go read the graphic, disgusting tweets he sent. It’s one thing to make one stupid tweet and apologize. This… well, suffice to say, when he blames this on a substance abuse problem and enters rehab,  I’ll actually be tempted to believe him, because only somebody cranked to 11 could lose the bubble this bad. Beware, NSFW or Kids language abounds.