Heller? McDonald? Never heard of ‘em! [Updated]

Illinois has long had some of the most draconian restrictions on gun ownership in the nation. It is the only state in the nation that has no provision for some form of concealed carry by its residents. The village of Morton Grove was the first municipality in the nation to ban handgun ownership, back in1981.* Handgun ownership in Chicago is virtually prohibited in Chicago.

Of course, every time anti-2nd Amendment forces push to infringe your rights, they insist they’re only calling for “sensible” legislation. Whenever anyone protests this “sensible” legislation, they smear them as being paranoid, and deny being gun-grabbers. Because shut up!

Of course, they ARE gun grabbers. In the wake of the Newtown, CT tragedy, Illinois lawmakers are charging ahead with a plan to make mere possession of almost all modern firearms a felony.

Never mind the Supreme Court has visited the issue of private ownership of guns twice in recent years, Heller and McDonald (an Illinois case, BTW) and such legislation is clearly in defiance of settled constitutional law. Illinois lawmakers know better than you what the extent of your rights are, and how to make the world safer. Just look at Chicago. Never mind the 500 murders last year.

The next time some liberal tells me the statist forces of the left don’t want to grab guns, I’m going to punch them in the face with an assault fist.

[Update and bumped]- Looks like the Democrat controlled Illinois state legislature decided not to start a shooting war this week. They’ve pulled both pending bills. Of course, they’ll try again. That’s what they do. It’s who they are. They will not rest until they have control over every single aspect of your lives.

*The ban withstood challenges in district and appellate federal court, and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. However, with the 2008 decision of DC vs. Heller, the city council voted to drop the ban.